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ColorPads: Large Blush

Take a note. Make a list. Sketch it out. Putting pen (or pencil) to paper creates an immediate, uninterrupted flow that technology can’t short-circuit.

We use these notepads in every corner of our home: large sits on our desktop to brainstorm and sketch, the medium-long in our kitchen for groceries and to-do lists, the small square on our bedside table to jot down those evening thoughts without connecting to our electronics.

The Wms&Co notepads are made of heavyweight uncoated stock that’s color-slicked on every page and edged in gold foil. They are bound with walnut brown glue for a lush yet understated presentation.

Large Square: 8.75” x 8.75”.

Medium Long: 4.375” x 8.75".

Small Square: 4.375” x 4.375” 185 pages each.


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