Botanicals Book

An elegant compendium of artwork inspired by plant life, from Imogen Cunningham, Jonas Mekas, Nobuyoshi Araki and others

Flowers may die, but in photographs their beauty is preserved forever. From carefully composed still lifes of fruits and vegetables to macro photography of floral anatomy, plants have been a constant source of inspiration throughout the history of photography. Many photographers have returned to the subject again and again during their careers, drawn as so many people are to the spectacular colors and delicate symmetry found in botany.

This beautiful clothbound volume presents a contemporary garden within its pages grown from horticultural artworks from the Per Amor a l’Art collection, selected and curated by the foundation’s artistic director Vicente Todolí. Among the featured artists in this catalog are Karl Blossfeldt, Imogen Cunningham, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Jonas Mekas, Nobuyoshi Araki, Richard Hamilton, Juan del Junco, Albert Renger-Patzxch, Pierre Verger, Alessandra Spranzi, Mathieu Mercier and Jochen Lempert.