Zig Zag Cactus, 4in.

Scientific name: Epiphyllum anguliger

The Zig Zag Cactus (aka: Fishbone, Ric Rac) is an easy-going houseplant that brings a playful energy (and smile) to any interior scheme! The stem leaves of the fishbone cactus start out y growing upright, but as they grow and get longer, they start to trail down (making it a great option for hanging or pedestal looks). 

This plant comes in a 3 inch nursery pot. 

Care tips: 

-Ideal light: Bright indirect light to full sun.

-Watering: Allow soil to dry out completely before watering, once every 2 weeks.

-Extra tips: Zig Zag cacti originate from the moist and humid rainforest. Not from the dry desert, like most cacti, hence their texture and care deviates slightly from typical cacti. Great option for a new plant parent! 

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