New Arrival: The Picnic Pass

Artist Zig Zag

All Cloud 9 Clay pieces are made by local artist Peyton Flynn in her ceramics studio in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Each piece is intentionally unique in color and characteristics (just like plants!). 

We pair a ZigZag Cactus, with a one of a kind Cloud 9 Clay piece, creating a darling ensemble and one-of-a-kind gift for Mom (or any person you love).  Part of the fun is to allow fate (or us) make the match, you or your recipient will receive one of the can't-go-wrong colors shown. 


- One Zig Zag Plant

- One Cloud 9 Clay handmade piece


Care tips: 

-Ideal light: Bright indirect light to full sun.

-Watering: Allow soil to dry out completely before watering, once every 2 weeks.

-Extra tips: Zig Zag cacti originate from the moist and humid rainforest. Not from the dry desert, like most cacti, hence their texture and care deviates slightly from typical cacti. Great option for a new plant parent! 

Preorder: This arrangement can only be ordered for pick-up or delivery between Friday 5/6 and Sunday 5/8