Blumenhaus Magazine

Blumenhaus explores Botany with a romantic approach through 196 pages of editorials, portfolios, words & illustrations.
In this volume…
︎ Of the importance of gardening by the moon in uncertain times
︎ Transitioning into horticulture
︎ Myths and legends: the character of Daphne
︎ Romantic Modernism and the Bloomsbury Group’s Charleston
︎ The Poison Garden
︎ About Edible flowers: Lotus Reveries on Summer Afternoons

Wandering through secret gardens…
︎ Casa Viviana, house of magic
︎ Hawaii: Lauren in Wonderlei
︎ Las Glorias de las Flores

Meeting with…
︎ Fee Greening
︎ Marin Montagut
︎ Oamul
︎ Michael Dumontier & Neil Farber
︎ Frances Palmer
︎ Marcin Rusak
︎ Renko Floral

And also...
Exclusive editorials by Théo Gosselin, Pia Riverola, Yuji Watanabee, Yvonne Club and Anna Banan. We’ll also invite you to a magnificent Lunch with Flowers, a series shot by Melanie Rodriguez… You will contemplate Floras Nostalgia, amazing photographs by Thais Varela and travel to Africa with Benjamin Schmuck.