Enkisoma Beaded Bracelet

These one-of-a-kind traditional Maasai beaded enkisoma bracelets are made of repurposed rubber (rain boots or blown up car tires found alongside of the road) and glass seed beads. Assorted colors and designs. Select main color, and contact us if you have a specific requests. Sizes of bracelets Small (about 2.5″ in diameter). Medium (about 2.75″ in diameter). Large (about 3″ in diameter). Enkisoma bracelets are made by the women participating in our Enkisoma program in Transmara district in Kenya. Women bead jewelry to raise money for their daughters’ and nieces’ school tuition and other school-related expenses. Enkisoma beading program was inspired by a Kenyan girl Agnes Netanya Kimpuk who was outcast from her family at age 14 for refusing FGM and girl-child marriage. Agnes began beading to pay for high school fees in 2011 and graduated high school in 2015. She is now studying to become a teacher in Kenyatta university in Nairobi. "Enkisoma” is a Maasai word for “education”.