Firewood Basket / Storage Basket

French market basket made of esparto grass (straw) it is the optimum solution for storage. Place it in your living room to keep your firewood log; pillows and it can be your loved pet bed; The market bags are also in your kitchen/pantry to store fruit or vegetables. Market straw bags is a timeless design which has been present for centuries thanks to its durability and easy maintenance. Give a warm and elegant touch to your home; perfect for the countryside but also on a urban environment. This product is hand-made in Spain with sustainable esparto grass (straw) Size: 18 x 18 x 7 inches (length x width x height) Note: All our products are entirely handmade, for that reason the product may feature inconsistencies or slight flaws and there also may be variations in design, size and color. These are signs that our product wasn't mass produced.