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Modern Calligraphy Bundle

An expressive art form that, with practice, could be a new avocation. The Modern Calligraphy bundle has everything one needs to begin their skilled practice. 


(1) Beginners workbook: calligraphy practice guides to help you build up your muscle memory, an essential way to learning and building up your calligraphy skills.

(1) Iron Gall Calligraphy Ink: This ink is handmade using natural ingredients to a medieval recipe with a modern twist. Iron Gall ink is the perfect black ink for modern calligraphy.

(1) Oblique Nib Holder: an essential accessory for any form of pointed calligraphy and this version takes almost all modern nibs.

(1) Trio of Mixed Nibs: Zebra G nib, Blue Pumpkin nib, and the L'écolière nib

(1) Contained in a cotton pouch