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The WP Floral Subscription, 3 mo.

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The gift that keeps on giving throughout the winter months! 

This luxurious gift comes with a thoughtful starter bundle for the recipient to open over the holidays. This bundle includes a vase, floral scissors and instructions on how to start their reoccurring flower bouquets for 3 months.  

The starter bundle includes:

  • Stylish Floral Vase
  • Floral Scissors for proper stem care
  • Instruction card to activate Flower Bouquet schedule 

The subscription includes:

  • Six wrapped bouquets
  • Bouquets will be available for PICK-UP every 2 weeks
  • Total duration covers a 3 month period

How it works:

The Gift Giver: 

When placing an order you can choose delivery or pickup.

Delivery: If you choose the delivery option, we can deliver the initial starter gift bundle with vase, scissors and instructions to you or the recipient directly.  
Pick-Up: If you prefer to personally give the gift bundle, you can choose pickup and we’ll have the bundle ready at your desired time.


The Recipient: 

The recipient will be guided on an instruction card to contact Walter Pine and personalize their subscription details. 

Floral Palette: They will choose between a neutral or colorful palette.
Schedule: They will confirm a start-date and preferable pick-up schedule for their floral bouquets over the coming months. 

Note: Walter Pine bouquets always include interesting greenery, a mix of seasonal  blooms and foraged bits for a naturally beautiful ensemble.  

**The gift bundle will be available for pick-up starting: DECEMBER 4th**  when placing orders, please select a pick-up or delivery option for this date or later.