Cavan Clothing Hat + Glove Set

Handmade in Philadelphia, this beautiful mohair set will keep you warm through out the winter. 


-Made from humanely cared-for-Angora goats

-All natural white Mohair no dyes or chemicals

-Hat and glove set One Size Fits Most- ladies sizing

-Hand wash cold or warm and air dry

Cavan partnered with local 10th generation farmer extraordinaire Glenn and his happy sheep to knit our holiday farm set. Local Pennsylvania farm  specializes in people, animals and nauture. The Cavan Mohair hat and gloves are knit from white mohair fiber, all natural , soft and warm. This 'one-of-kind'  gift set is accented with a thoughtful stripe grosgrain ribbon and shipped tied in holiday ribbon. A thoughtful beautiful gift to be used year after year. Our talented neighbors desperately need our support...please give the gift that keeps giving!