The Poetic Painter

This look is inspired by our love for American artist Cy Twombly (1928-2011), an artist who's work is both passionate and poetic. Every line was infused with energy and meaning. In the spirit of Twombly, we aim to highlight the natural movement of each flower and maximize color in this arrangement.   

  • Hand-Tied Bouquet $75 - Our bouquets arrive carefully wrapped and ready to be placed in a vessel. Tip: A good option to send a recipient who has a collection of vases and loves being hands-on with flowers. 

    Effortless Vase $95 - An artfully arranged selection of flowers and greenery in a simple glass vessel, suitable size for a side table, credenza or small dining table. Tip: The no-fail, no-fuss option to send or bring a recipient who may not have time or easy access to a vase (ex: workplace, hospital, sympathy occasion or busy hostess). 

    Statement Piece $180 - Our large design uses more flowers and is a perfectly scaled for a dining table centerpiece, an impactful entryway, a conference room or simply evoking extra 'wow' factor.

Walter Pine's florals are selected with subtle color shifts in mind, a variety of texture, form and line. We may use flowers other than those pictured as the seasons and availability change, though we will always follow the chosen color palette.