Spring & Mulberry Chocolates

Medjool Dates, Pecans, Himalayan Salt Chocolate Bar (yellow package) 

Crunchy, chewy, salty, and sweet, this bar brings together buttery, slow-roasted pecans and caramelly Medjool dates for a toothsome mix that’s hard to stop munching.

Lavender, Bee Pollen, Rose Petal Chocolate Bar (blue package) 

A fragrant trio of wild lavender, bee pollen, and hand-picked rose petals come together with the richness of dark chocolate to create a soothing, subtly sweet treat reminiscent of spring. 

Mango, Urfa Chili, Black Lime Chocolate Bar (pink package) 

Succulent mango slices mingle with subtly smoky chili, tart black lime, and a pinch of flake salt, setting off a savory sweetness that feels both tantalizing and enchanting. 

White Mulberry, Almond, Fennel Chocolate Bar (dark pink package)

White mulberries, crisp almonds, and verdant fennel sit atop our rich date sweetened dark chocolate, offering up subtle notes of milk, anise, and honeyed nectar—this refreshing trio is a perfect palate cleanser after any meal

Mixed-Berry Chocolate Bar (lavender package)

Bright and fruity with a tinge of tartness, this bar features delicious in-season strawberries, blueberries, and red raspberries that bring a mouthwatering jamminess to our dark chocolate, all with 0g added sugar.

Coffee Bean, Banana Chocolate Bar (burgundy package)

The bite of rich Counter Culture (decaf!) coffee beans meet a slice of creamy-sweet banana, scattered atop our date-sweetened dark chocolate — a classic morning pairing that’s guaranteed to perk you up.

Pear, Ginger, Rosemary (ochre package)

Supple pears, freeze-dried ginger, and aromatic rosemary sprigs blanket our date-sweetened chocolate for an earthy flavor with a zesty finish perfect during winter's chill.

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