Rosy Indoor Potting Mix

Crafted for the specific needs of indoor plants, this blend contains all-natural, regenerative ingredients that optimize drainage, deliver plant-boosting nutrients, and support a diverse community of beneficial fungi and microbes.


Vegan Compost

Rosy's aged compost provides abundant organic matter, creates soil structure, and supports optimal drainage. This organic matter naturally add plant-available nutrients without the need for chemical fertilizers and support a thriving community of beneficial microbes. More broadly, composting upcycles organic waste, preventing it going to landfills where it would emit greenhouse gasses.

Carbon-Negative Biochar

Meet the not-so-secret ingredient! Biochar is produced by converting organic waste material into a charcoal-like substance that roots love. It’s lightweight and porous, helping to conserve nutrients and water. The best part? Biochar sequesters carbon: for every ton of biochar produced, 3 tons of CO2 are removed the carbon cycle.

Root Boosting Mycorrhizae

Mycorrhizae (mahy-kuh-rahy-zee) are naturally-occurring fungi that mesh with plant roots to increase the amount of nutrients and water they can access. In this process, they release a gum-like substance called glomalin, which helps to further lock in moisture and hold on to nutrients. What can’t they do?

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