Mini Dutch Master

A new petite version of a Walter Pine favorite, the Dutch Master! 
Inspired by leading 17th century female Dutch painter Rachel Ruysch, we created our ode to her elegantly painted floral still-lifes with this arrangement. 
The daughter of a Botanist, she grew up with an especially close view and knowledge of the natural world. Ruysch's deep appreciation, passion and keen eye for the intricacies radiate throughout her strokes as she translated the beauty of each flower on canvas. With her spirit in mind for this look, we aim to highlight the nature of each flower through a unique combination that feels natural and painterly.

Walter Pine's floral arrangements are created with subtle color shifts in mind, a variety of texture, form and line. We may use flowers other than those pictures as the season unfolds and availability changes, though we will always stay true to the spirit and color palette described. The vase shape may vary slightly from the picture shown, however color and capacity will be the same.