Artful Whimsy Bud Vase Trio

Our Artful Whimsy Wedding Collection is optimistic and charming with a playful sensibility. Stunning blooms in a colorful palette are thoughtfully curated to achieve a work of art that is effortlessly energetic.

The Bud Vase Trio strikes the perfect balance between minimalism and flair. The look effortlessly honors the beauty of each flower in a truly lovely way.

Feature our Bud Vase Trio as a centerpiece alternative, on cocktail hour high-tops, or as miscellaneous decor!

Our apothecary bottle vases embody a timeless spirit for the modern or whimsical themed events. 

Walter Pine requests that all wedding items be ordered at least one week before your special day. You will be able to select your pickup time or delivery details  at checkout. Please include any specific delivery instructions in the 'card message' section at checkout.

Consultations are not included within the pre-order service. If you require further flowers for your wedding or would like a consultation, please inquire about our bespoke wedding packages 

Walter Pine's florals are selected with seasonality, color, texture and form in mind. We may use flowers other than those pictured as the seasons and availability change, however the overall spirit and color palette will be maintained.